The Botanic Garden consists of three sections. The greenhouses contains plants that need to be protected from the extremes of the UK weather. The area outside of the walled garden contains classic garden features such as a Water Garden and Rock Garden as well as the Black Border and Autumn Borders.

Britain’s most ancient botanic garden is near the centre of the city. When founded in 1621, plenty of money was spent on the walls which meant that little was left for plants. This deficiency has been amended, with the planting design more botanical than aesthetic. Loudon described the garden as ‘a venerable establishment. . . entered by a noble stone archway, through which is seen a vista to the other extremity of the garden. . . Comparing this botanic garden with all the others in Britain, it as far surpasses them in an architectural point of view, as it is inferior to the best of them in botanical riches’. Close to this is a rose garden, designed by Sylvia Crowe, to commemorate the discovery of the first antibiotic.

Oxford Botanic Garden, High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, OX1 4AZ


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